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Royal Mail Printed Postage Impression Envelopes

See some PPI Envelope Examples

Midland Envelopes print all types and sizes of Royal Mail PPI envelopes at keen prices.

This page will tell you all you need to know about using Printed Postage Impressions (PPIs). See also | Royal Mail Business Reply Envelopes | Royal Mail Freepost Envelopes | See some PPI envelope examples. |

Royal Mail PPI Envelopes Printed by Experts. All sizes of PPI envelopes and mailing wallets

Printed PPI Envelopes

Using a Royal Mail Printed Postage Impression (PPI) for Direct Mail and Business Mail.

All letters or packages delivered by Royal Mail must have an indication that the postage has been paid. This is called a PPI. See some PPI envelope examples.

PPI Printed Envelopes or Mailing Wallets

Individual letters or packages posted in small quantities will have a postage stamp or a franking label attached. For larger volumes, however, a Printed Postage Impression is printed directly onto the outer envelope to indicate that postage has been paid. This is usually printed by the offset litho process although flexographic printing may sometimes be used for very large runs. Midland Envelopes supply all standard sizes of Printed Postal Impression (PPI) envelopes - both window and non window.

The Royal Mail Printed Postage Impression (PPI) has two functions
  1. To show that postage has been paid on the mail.
  2. To identify which postal account the mail has been posted through.

The PPI usually appears in the top right hand corner of the envelope. You will notice that there is a PPI on most pieces of mail which come through your door. Have a look at the envelope your next mailing comes in.

PPIs have TWO huge advantages over stamps or franking.

  1. Printed Postage Impressions are much more efficient (and cheaper) to apply as they are bulk-printed onto the envelope before the envelopes are filled.
  2. Mail posted via a Royal Mail account, with a PPI will be much cheaper than mail posted via stamps or franking.

PPIs are essential for any mail which is to be despatched via a Royal Mail Postal account. Midland Envelopes Envelope Printers are able to print envelopes with PPIs on them for use via your Royal Mail postage account.

If you already have a postage account with Royal Mail, you will have been allocated a PPI licence number. This will take one of two forms, either a town name with a number such as Southampton 2500 or the letters “HQ” followed by a number such as HQ2500. We will need this number if we are to produce printed envelopes suitable for your postal account.

Open your own Royal Mail Postage account to use your own Printed Postage Impression

If you would like your own postal account and you plan to spend more than £5000 per annum on postage, you can call Royal Mail on 08457 950 950. You will reach your local sales centre who will help you with opening your account.

So what is a Printed Postage Impression?

We have the latest PPI artwork available for use with 1st, 2nd and Economy class mail. We handle the artwork layout, proofing and the envelope printing at very keen prices.

Example Royal Mail Postage Impression PPI 22mm x 80mm

If you already have an account with Royal Mail, we can print the envelopes for you, pre-printed with your PPI, return address and, if applicable, your logo. Please let us have details of your requirements for a quote .

Royal Mail Square Design PPIs are also used on postcards, packets, catalogues and magazines, in fact anything which is to be posted via a postal account. Midland Envelopes can print the envelopes quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

Why not contact us now for helpful advice or a quote on your next envelope or direct mail fulfilment project?

Another essential element for any mailing is the return address. Mail despatched via any Low Sort OCR service must also display a return address. This is used by Royal Mail when the mail cannot be delivered for any reason such as:

  • The addressee has gone away
  • The address is incomplete
  • The address is incorrect
  • The address has become obscured or is missing
  • The item has been refused or returned by the recipient

In these instances, the mail will be returned directly to the return address on the outside of the envelope. This will enable you to either rectify the address problem(s) or to remove the record from your database. Removing the address is essential so that you do not waste money on further fruitless mailings to that address, which is a terrible waste of your money.

The return address can be printed in the top left hand corner of the front of the envelope at no extra charge .

If you would like any help or advice on printed PPI envelopes or any other type of printed envelope in any number of colours, please get in touch with us. Let us know how many you are looking for and we will come back with a keen price. We love to help. We are friendly, genuinely helpful and will do our very best to help you save money. We stick to our promises!

*Free delivery applies to GB mainland only. A surcharge may apply for offshore islands and Northern Ireland.

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